Sezane – You Must Check This One Out!

While checking out my favorite blog Miss Moss I found this beautiful French clothing line, Sezane. Classic clothing that I would wear everyday if I could! And don’t let me start about their leather bags – beautiful! Check it out…









All White Everything

I can’t wait to buy a home to make it just the way I would like! I’m currently living with my boyfriend in a really cute apartment in the city. The only problem is that you can’t really make it your own. I’m looking forward to picking out amazing light fixtures, the perfect hues of paint, masculine countertops, and respectable appliances. Until then- I will share a few of my dream interiors that I will dream of until my turn comes around!





You can find these images and all lighting found here at: Circa Lighting

Rifle Paper Co.

It’s a little late for a New Year’s Resolution – however I’m going to make one anyways. My goal this year is to become better at sending Thank You cards, Birthday cards, Holiday cards and all that sort-of stuff. Cards are so under-rated! Everyone has to agree that receiving a Thank You card, or anything of the sort is so unexpected these days and extremely appreciated by the recipient.  On that note – (no pun intended) I found Rifle Paper Co.   – There are great cards, calendars, recipe cards, prints and many other great finds. Take a look at some of my favorites!


riflepaper1 riflepaper2 riflepaper3 riflepaper5